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Episode 48

First aired September 6, 2017

Stresses that affect learning amongst adolescents – a teacher speaks

Although learning can induce stress, other factors in an adolescent’s life, external to school can affect learning. In this interview, a highly experienced high school teacher speaks about how social relationships between peers, gender refuse, emotional factors and student’s family & home situation dominate an adolescent’s life. Justina Groeber, a German artist teaching in New Zealand for the last 28 years talks to Dr.Vijay Murthy on the challenges and solutions to reducing stress amongst adolescents.

About our Guest

Justina Groeber is an artist and Visual Art teacher who studied in Munich, Germany and has taught  High-school students in New Zealand since 1989. Justina holds a PHD in Fine Arts from the University of Auckland and has  exhibited her own work at galleries New Zealand, Australia, Germany and the UK. Justina is C- Head of the Visual Art department at a Secondary school in Auckland, New Zealand.  

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