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Episode 52

First aired October 4, 2017

How to choose the right type of gym exercises

Often there are contrasting views on cardio exercises and resistance training. While both types of exercising have health benefits, they both have limitations when followed as the only type of exercise. In this interview William Lindsey, a personal trainer discussed with Dr.Vijay Murthy the advantages and possible limitations of these two types of popular exercises. William suggests plymatric exercises as a suitable method to achieve both cardiac fitness and strength training. 

About our Guest

William Lindsey is a London based certified Personal trainer & Qualified chef. Will has been a personal trainer for more than ten years. Prior to this Will was a chef for ten years. He specialises in weight loss, weight training, building lean clean muscles, maintenance of a fitter self. Also in circuit training and strength & conditioning using both compound, functional workouts.

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