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Episode 53

First aired October 11, 2017

From Compulsiveness to Consciousness

Modernisation often displaces cultural identity as anything ancient can easily be ignored as obsolete. However, in a country like India with rich heritage and highly established wisdom traditions, one can embrace both ancient value systems and modern life style. Sometimes, when one chases materialism as bringing happiness, revisiting the true cause of happiness as known to ancient traditions of India can unfold a completely new way  of looking at life. In this interview by Dr.Vijay Murthy with Aniruddha Padmanabha, CEO of 'The Thought School', Aniruddha explains how to move towards consciousness in business & lifestyle choices to establish healthy communities.

About our Guest

Aniruddha Padmanabha is the founder and CEO of "The Thought School", an organisation based in Mysore, India. The Thought School creates awareness on value based living and coaches children, adults, couples and corporate employees. It uses the value systems based in ancient Indian systems of knowledge and teaches harmonious sustainable living through a deep understanding of one's cultural roots.

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