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Episode 62

First aired February 7, 2018

Children with learning difficulties 

Some children may be overly sensitive to the auditory and visual stimulation around them, which can disturb them more than their peers, resulting in learning difficulties. Susanna Di Castro Horn who teaches at the Doman International  Institute for Brain Development talks to Dr.Vijay Murthy as to how one can identify what may be causing learning difficulties in children. They discuss the role of nutrition, auditory and visual environments that hinder or promote learning among kinds.


About our Guest

Susanna was born in Italy and studied Art History in Rome. After marrying, she moved to Philadelphia in the USA, where, for a period, she taught Italian at the Berlitz School. Shortly after, she had her twins. and when they were 3 years old, they attended the Early Development program of the Evan Thomas Institute at the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. When the children were old enough to attend the International School of the Evan Thomas Institute, Susanna became one of the clinical staff members at IAHP, teaching parents of brain injured children how to teach their children reading, general knowledge, and Mathematics. She currently is a health worker at the Doman International Institute for Brain Development, where she teaches parents of brain injured children how to teach their kids reading, math, general knowledge, and how to improve their sensory systems, as well as communication, and social skills.​ ​

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