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Episode 64

First aired February 21, 2018

A cafe for kids and mothers; keeping it fresh & healthy​

​Often mothers get tired having to look after their babies or young kids. It can be a challenge to find a cafe that serves food suitable to kids, which is healthy, fresh and affordable. In this interview Dr.Vijay Murthy talks to Lara Bloomberg, who owns and runs a cafe for mothers and kids in Greenwich, London. Lara shares her recipes for kids. She talks about how simple it can be to keep kids' recipes healthy, fresh and affordable. Lara shares her journey of how she learnt all about cafe food for kids. She discusses the challenges and solutions she has found in running a cafe successfully where mothers and kids love to eat out. ​


About our Guest

​Lara Bloomberg is a mother of two, owner of a cafe for kids and mothers based in Greenwich London. At her cafe 'plum tree', which she has run successfully for five years, Lara serves fresh, healthy food with simple recipes that kids and mothers love to eat. Lara's simple rule for employing staff at her cafe is 'they must be mothers who know how to cook and multitask'. She occasionally ​has employed caters too and says they are equally good like mothers in cooking. Lara was a primary school teacher prior to her career as a cafe owner. You can reach Lara at

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