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Episode 65

First aired February 28, 2018

Sustainability is about equilibrium & harmony. Veganism is not the solution

In this show Lea Katseli, an urban development architect, who gave up her job to become a farmer talks about what true sustainability is. She says “once upon a time, eating healthy food was so obvious, that people would not even discuss it. All food was grown naturally or even better harvested from wild. World Wars, Industrialization, Population growth, Climate change, Terrorism and above all ignorance has changed everything we eat today. An interesting evolution has happened in our perception of food supply. With population growth, climate change and greed, those supermarket giants were under lots of pressure to keep on supplying the “always hungry population”. Those huge Supermarkets and all their smaller partners, became a pharmacy, filled up with chemical products that look like food, but really have nothing in common with the great natural products that were on our table once upon a time. And the irony is that there is no one to blame… We have created the monster ourselves and only we can stop this monster from destroying us and the entire planet. In this interview with Dr.Vijay Murthy, Lea shares her honest views about eating meat, veganism and other real issues of sustainability. 


About our Guest

Lea is the founder of Divinalux Holistic Winery and Farm. After being born in Georgia, moved with her parents to Israel and growing up in London, Lea decides to settle at the heart of an amazing Natural Park in the centre of Italy. After many years of intense career as an architect-developer, Lea decides to challenge her vision for human evolution and moves together with her three little kids to a countryside, where she creates a self-sufficient, organic, holistic winery and farmstay. You can find more information about her work at 

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