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Episode 71

First aired April 11, 2018

Mothers’ Instinct or Expert opinion?

In this interview, Dr Vijay Murthy discusses a very sensitive but pertinent topic on whether a mother would know what might be wrong with her child, more-so than a health expert. The two highly educated mothers with successful former careers in different parts of the world share their experiences of how they identified health issues in their children, despite health experts denying that there was anything wrong. Interestingly both these mothers took nutrition and other holistic approaches to support their children with autism and report immense success. This interview highlights that mothers’ instincts are equally important as expert opinion when it comes to health. Bridging the gap between health experts and parents’ or mothers’ observations plays an important role in offering quality care. 


About our Guests

Preeti Kumar is a mum to two beautiful children. In addition to bringing up a football obsessed 8 year old son, she has dedicated most of the hours in the last 5 years to working with her brain injured daughter. Preeti has spent many years working as a public health consultant with international non governmental organisations. She holds a Masters Degree in Population Studies from the prestigious International Institute of Population Sciences, Mumbai and a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from Delhi University. Preeti has spent the last few years researching and practicing numerous therapies and techniques to enable her daughter overcome challenges in her daily life. She has combed through alternatives across the globe to identify holistic therapies which suited her daughter the best.This comes with a huge amount of trial and error and she hopes her experiences can help others speed up the learning curve and avoid some of the challenges she encountered.

Sue Clark is a former director of a sports equipment company in the UK and currently a health promoter with interest in nutrition and lifestyle approaches to health and wellbeing.

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