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Episode 74

First aired May 2, 2018

Physicians promoting Nutrition as Medicine.

Cirus Henn, a medical student and co-founder of the newly established medical organisation "Physicians Association for Nutrition” (PAN) speaks with Dr.Vijay Murthy on this new initiative to educate physicians about nutrition. PAN aims to raise awareness among health professionals, the general public and policymakers about the role of nutrition in promoting good health and preventing and treating disease, while also providing tools for making positive dietary changes. More info at: 


About our Guest

Cirus Henn is a medical student at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and is additionally working on his DGE Nutritionist Certification. In his position as PAN's Medical Content Manager he combines his scientific expertise as a former student of biomedical sciences at the Vrije Universiteit, Brussels, with his practical knowledge he acquired as a paramedic. In his professional life, he has often witnessed the detrimental effects of an unhealthy diet. As an avid endurance athlete, he has experienced the transformational powers of wholesome nutrition first-hand. By focusing his energy on promoting the preventive and therapeutic effects of nutrition, he hopes to create opportunities for as many people as possible to live healthier and happier lives.

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