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Episode 75

First aired May 9, 2018

Vegan Body Building

In this interview with Dr.Vijay Murthy, Vegan Body Builder Francesco Pignatti says  “I’m a wellness enthusiast and a lifetime drug-free competitive bodybuilder. I started my social media channels a few years ago to share my story and inspire other people with my body transformation journey. This is my lifestyle. I love challenges and I always strive to become the best I can be by training my body and my mind.” Francesco shares his experience of how one can build muscles being vegan and discusses the benefits of following a vegan lifestyle. 


About our Guest

Known as The IronManager, Francesco Pignatti is a vegan body builder. Fran lived 12 years in London where he worked as a consultant and Strategy & Innovation Manager at Canon Europe. In November 2016 he decided to leave the corporate world to focus 100% on his passion: Health & Fitness. A couple of years ago, during a trip to the island of Bali, Fran turned to a whole-food plant-based diet while prepping for the UKBFF English Grand Prix bodybuilding contest. Since then Fran has experienced tremendous benefits from the transition to a vegan diet and he’s also managed to further improve his physique despite the almost 20 years of training. Website: 
Instagram @IronManager 

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