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Episode 81

First aired June 27, 2018

Non-invasive methods of pain management utilising reflexology by Dr.Carol Samuel. 

In this interview for UK Health Radio, Dr. Carol Samuel speaks with Dr.Vijay Murthy of Unlock Your Health on the role of integrating evidence bases reflexology in pain management. Dr. Samuel answers questions on how reflexology works, why it works, whether it works and the benefits of using reflexology treatments in various conditions where pain becomes a challenge on an everyday basis. Dr.Samuel talks about the role of reflexology for patients living with cancer pain. Dr. Samuel and Dr. Murthy also touch upon the scope and limitations of complementary therapies in pain management. 

About our Guest

Dr Carol Samuel is the director of Reflexmaster offering continuing professional development workshops to reflexologists who are supporting clients in pain.  Reflexmaster workshops are based on evidence from scientific research and studies of neuroanatomy and physiology.  They are for qualified reflexologists who want to understand more about pain and how they can use their skills to help support their clients alongside conventional medicine. The workshops for ‘Supporting clients in pain’ are offered at various venues across the UK and all the information can be obtained from my website: Carol can be contacted at ;

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