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Episode 85

First aired August 8, 2018

Intuition is neither imagination nor magic. It’s real 

In this interview, Katie Winterbourne explains how intuition can be cultivated to live well. She gives five easy ways to activate your intuition. 

  1. Breathe – It’s hard to be anywhere but in the here and now when you take a full conscious breath. It helps to re-centre your energy; it quiets the mind and enables you to be fully present and aware of yourself.

  2. Listen -The anagram of listen is Silence. When we self-reflect without analysis we can start to follow the inner stirrings of our souls, we can connect with the inner voice and the guidance that resonates deep within us.

  3. Create – writing, painting dancing anything done without pressure to succeed but just to enjoy and experience triggers intuition.

  4. Be curious – Like a child, innocent or with inner-sense explore, discover and adventure through life.

  5. Be in nature –Nature is a natural balancer, when we release stress and the pressures of life and witness the effortlessness of nature it reminds us to trust in the natural rhythm of life.

About our Guest

Katie Winterbourne is a Professional Intuitive, trusted advisor and inspirational speaker recognised as a leading expert in the field of Intuition, Metaphysics and business evolution for over 20 years.  
A Facilitator of positive change, she is able to illuminate any subconscious issues that may be limiting growth, purpose and ultimately joy.  She empowers her clients to develop their own intuition, creativity and superior business and personal mastery.

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