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Episode 91

First aired January 9, 2019

Buteyko Breathing Training to overcome Asthma, Anxiety and much more.

Thousands of people of all ages have attended Buteyko Breathing Clinic since 2001 for help with breathing related disorders. Glenn’s approach is to help restore a functional breathing pattern through breathing exercises, lifestyle guidelines and nutrition.  Glenn uses cutting edge bio-feedback technology to assess and retrain breathing to address the cause of these disorders rather than merely supressing the symptoms. Relearning how to breathe in a way that supports outstanding health can be game-changing for great digestion, hormonal balance and restorative sleep, as well as the function of the respiratory and cardiovascular system. 


About our Guest

Glenn White is a Buteyko Institute certified practitioner trainer and director of the Buteyko Breathing Clinic in Auckland, New Zealand. Glenn overcame a lifetime of asthma and allergies after completing a Buteyko breathing course in 2000. He has been asthma, allergy and drug free since that time. Overcoming a lifetime illness led Glenn to train as a Buteyko Institute practitioner in the UK, returning to open the Buteyko Breathing Clinic in New Zealand in 2001.

The clinic specialises in a wide range of breathing-related disorders including snoring, sleep apnoea, insomnia, asthma, allergies, hay fever, chronic bronchitis, stress-related conditions, panic attacks and chronic fatigue. The clinic also offers specialised programmes for athletes wanting to boost sport performance. Thousands of people have attended Glenn’s clinic for help with breathing disorders.

Glenn presents at conferences both nationally and internationally and was part of a group of four practitioners that travelled to Havana, Cuba in 2004 to train 14 practitioners and teach Buteyko to 200 children and adults with asthma. He contributes regular articles on breathing disorders to local media and his work has attracted media interest, including a feature on TV's Campbell Live in 2006 and on the series Is Modern Medicine Killing You? screening in 2012.

Glenn teaches courses and trains practitioners in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Japan. His goal is to have breathing assessments and retraining incorporated into general practice to help reduce the burden of breathing disorders like asthma and sleep apnoea. Glenn can be contacted at; Buteyko Breathing Clinics, Auckland, New Zealand, Tel+64 9 360 6291 

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