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Unlock Your Health



Hosted by Dr. Vijay Murthy ~ a cutting-edge functional medicine and Ayurveda expert.


Unlock Your Health is an iconic, life-changing show. In my radio show, I want to empower and inform you to take decisions. For me every moment is an opportunity to be healthy. Lack of health can be a huge obstacle to experiencing life. For most people, health itself is not the goal, the real goal is to live life to its fullest. So, how do we navigate that? This show will empower and inform you.


Each show will give you tips, advice, and information about the choices you have for staying healthy or recovering, which you can put into practice immediately. In Unlock Your Health, I want to bring to you the experience of medical experts, of the planetary wisdom traditions and also the lived experience of real people like you.


I want you to feel in charge of your health and inspired to take the decisions, which are right for you. As an ayurvedic doctor and with a PhD in public health, it troubles me to see how often I see patients and people who lack confidence in taking charge of their journey to wellbeing. I see them struggle, as they feel lonely, victimised and helpless. With my shows I want to help you understand and reflect on the many alternatives better.


My shows offer informed discussions. You will walk away feeling knowing your options on how to positively engage in your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I will help listeners understand their own health challenges and explore possible solutions through a mix of science, medical expertise and other health professionals. My aim is to synthesise what we can learn from the stories of people with that of complimentary and traditional healers’ and medical experts’ opinions. In unlocking your health radio show I am handing you the key to vibrant wellbeing.

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