Episode 98

First aired April 3, 2019

From London to Peru in exploring the nature of mind
In this interview Tomaz Mueller, an Ayurvedic practitioner who emphasises on the role of meditation & mind in accomplishing optimal health & wellbeing shares his fascinating experience during his trip to Peru. Tomaz unravels the secrets of being in the right environment to make the necessary positive mental shift to take control of one’s wellbeing. He invites others to join him on his next trip to Peru.

About our Guest

Complementary medicine practitioner and internationally known health educator Tomaz Mueller, author, practitioner and director of AYUWAVE Ltd. trained in the traditional system of Indian health, Ayurveda, which he uses alongside mind-body medicine, meditation and yoga. Tomaz supports individuals to achieve optimal health and wellbeing through prevention and the management of modern ailments. He inspires each person to reconnect and awaken to their inner self-healing ability, the key to repair and rejuvenation. AYUWAVE offers the most contemporary concepts and approaches in natural health and wellbeing.

Tomaz has a clinical practice in London combining the very best of East - West. Here he incorporates authentic Ayurvedic principles and assessment methods within a modern health care practice that is equipped with the latest technology in Quantum Medicine. He offers  seminars and does clinicals  not only in the UK but also in Italy, Schwitzerland, Hungary and Germany. His consultations include Ayurvedic, Nutrition, Life-style, Detoxification, Rejuvenation and Mind- Body approaches.

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