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Episode 96

First aired February 20, 2019

Eating fat is perhaps the best way to lose fat 

In this interview Dr.Vijay Murthy speaks with Karyn Augustinus on her journey through ketogenic diet. Karyn explains how she got into ketogenic nutrition and how she eventually overcame the fear of eating fat. She explains the moral struggles transitioning from being vegan to ketogenic eating. Karyn also shares her daily eating plan and how to sustain it. 

About our Guest

Karyn Augustinus has had a lifetime of struggle with food and weight. Company director by day, and passionate foodie 24/7, Karyn has tried many diet and lifestyle changes since her teens. In 2017 she committed to a ketogenic diet and fees like she has finally found the way of eating that best serves her health and wellbeing goals, as well as allowing her to manage her weight without feeling deprived. She is passionate about learning and sharing more about the benefits of keto, particularly as a tool for Type 2 diabetics, and for age-related disease. You can follow her journey on Instagram @alldayketo

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