Dr Vijay Murthy

B.Nat (NZ), M.Surgery (Ayu), B. Ayu Med & Surgery (IN), MPH(NZ), FRSPH 


Dr Vijay Murthy is an ayurvedic doctor and naturopath as well as a popular international speaker and health educator. Dr. Vijay Murhty holds a PhD in public health research.

Dr.Vijay Murthy provides complementary health care by integrating 22 years of clinical and research experience as a director and practitioner of AYUWAVE Ltd. In his London based practice, Dr Vijay Murthy helps individuals attain their best possible health potential alongside preventing and managing a wide range of chronic illnesses. This unique combination of traditional healing modalities within a scientific and research framework, enables the clients to experience the most up to date approaches to health available today. 

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