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Episode 99

First aired April 24, 2019

Holistic and Intuitive Leadership

In this interview, Jaidip Khurana speaks with Dr.Vijay Murthy on leadership coaching. In Jaidip’s opinion establishing a personal, high trust, open relationship characterized by genuine caring is critical to achieving the best result from coaching.  His focus is on helping leaders to achieve dramatic personal and business transformation through authentic leadership. He helps his clients gain self-mastery from a place of inspiration and purpose.The coaching style is holistic and intuitive, inspired by mindfulness and neuroscience. Jaidip creates an environment of trust and authenticity for his clients to expand their perspective and see blind spots. His approach is both challenging and nurturing designed around what the client needs rather than any particular process.   Jaidip helps clients to learn how to discover and consciously observe their limiting patterns at the moment that they arise along with the accompanying thoughts and emotions. It allows them to consciously choose the most effective response at every moment instead of reacting out of old patterns. His clients develop a customized and creative practice that will increase their self-awareness and will improve their ability to understand and communicate with others.

About our Guest

Jaidip  Khurana is a leadership coach working independently and at the Asian Leadership Institute, Chiang Mai ( Jaidip combines his in-depth understanding of the corporate world with a holistic approach to leadership transformation. Over the last eight years he has coached senior executives and teams across India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Russia, UK and the US.

He has extensive corporate experience and understands working in stressful environments having, spent 20 years in investment banking in London, Hong Kong and Singapore. While achieving success in his professional life, Jaidip realised that he wanted to do more and broaden his perspective. After a process of introspection, he decided to close the chapter on a successful banking career.

After banking, he found himself still working with people and organisations but now in a very different capacity. Jaidip found it fulfilling to connect with people and work with them to become more aware of themselves, equip them to make better decisions and enhance their relationships. 

He has an MBA from Insead, France, graduating with distinction and he completed his B Com (Hons) from SRCC, Delhi University. Jaidip is a passionate student of Vedanta practicing living a holistic and whole hearted life. Jaidip can be contacted at;

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