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Episode 50

First aired September 20, 2017

Perfect health is a myth but resilience is practical – a neurologist talks about reclaiming health

A neurologist and a neuroscientist from Milan, Dr. Antonio Morandi discusses with Dr. Vijay Murthy the problem with WHO's impractical definition of HEALTH. Dr. Morandi explains the concept of RESILIENCE as the most appropriate way to establish individual's health goals despite an illness he/she is diagnosed with. Dr. Morandi talks about the danger of superimposing laboratory tests and medical reports on to the patient in arriving at a suitable treatment plan. He suggests that listening to the patient, understanding the patient beyond the condition of interest is of immense value. Dr. Morandi explains how Ayurveda can be highly useful in personalised health care.

About our Guest

Dr Antonio Morandi, is a neurologist, a neuroscientist and practices Ayurveda in Milan, Italy. He is the the Director of Ayurvedic Point, Milan, Italy and serves on the board of many scientific associations throughout Europe for Ayurveda and Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Dr Antonio Morandi graduated from the University of Firenze, Italy in 1984 and specialised in Neurology in 1988. He has worked as a researcher at various research organisations and patented an invention on Alzheimer’s disease diagnostic tool in 1990 while heading the Laboratories of Neuropathology of aging, Italy. His extensive travels in India and study of Ayurveda took him to the path of integrating Ayurveda in his practice. Dr. Antonio Morandi runs a successful Ayruvedic training school for Medical Doctors and health professionals in Milan, Italy. For more information go to;

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