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Episode 59

First aired January 3, 2018

Making food and lifestyle choices for the sustainability of the planet

Although we may often choose foods we eat and lifestyles we live based on our individual needs, we may not understand the impact this has on the health of the environment. In this interview Dr.Vijay Murthy talks to Mariano Plata Gröber, a civil engineer with an interest in sustainability. Mariano explains how by choosing different foods one can make a difference to the health of the planet. He explains how we can as individuals reduce the carbon food print despite air travel and suggests many practical ways to make conscious choices in our everyday living.


About our Guest

Mariano Plata Gröber is a young Mexican-German engineer who is passionate about sustainability and tries to apply its principles to as many aspects of his life as he can. He has a Masters degree in energy efficient and sustainable design and building from the Technical University of Munich and has worked on several projects to develop and realise energy efficient and sustainable buildings and large-scale solar plants. He believes in the power of the individual as a catalyst for positive change.

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