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Episode 60

First aired January 24, 2018

Healthy Nutrition for Teenagers

When you are a parent with a teenage child, providing healthy nutrition on a budget might seem daunting. 'It doesn't have to be', says Alison Fielder, a single parent of a young sportsman. In this interview, Alison talks to Dr. Vijay Murthy and shares her strategies on how she shops, prepares food and inculcates healthy eating habits into her 16 year old son who is training to become a professional athlete. This interview is a must for all parents who want to build a solid foundation of healthy eating practices in supporting their teen age children. Interestingly, Alison offers several simple and practical tips on how to prepare foods without refined sugars and how to keep the grocery bills within limits. 


About our Guest

A founding partner in Acumen Business Partners, Alison works full time providing her clients with clarity of business vision and advising on operational efficiency. Prior to setting up Acumen Business Partners five years ago when her son was 11, Alison had a successful career in Banking and after the birth of her son, in Children and Young Peoples Services.

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Alison is actively engaged in supporting  her son’s sporting aspirations and regularly volunteers at the sporting clubs of which her son is a member. Balancing the needs of her clients and her son leaves Alison little time to herself and requires that she stays mentally and physically fit. Alison places good nutrition and structure at the heart of her active life.

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