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Episode 73

First aired April 25, 2018

Medicine & Human-ness.Doctors’ movement towards developing sincere relationship with patients. 

At a time when medicine has become highly technological, often the opportunity to develop true human connections between doctors and patients has become extremely rare. A group of young German doctors have started a movement to change this. MUM, an organisation founded by medical doctors coach doctors, allied health professionals and health workers in  developing authentic relationship towards their patients. These group of doctors aspire for bringing back the true healer in a doctor and all those who work with patients. 


About our Guests

Paul Friedrich Seifert is an MD on his way to become  a Family Doctor in Leipzig Germany. He is studying and practicing Osteopathy. He also promotes plant based nutrition and mindfulness in medicine and society.

Dr. Eva Wartner is a GP in training at the Clinic for Integrative Medicine (Immanuel Krankenhaus Berlin) and chairperson of “Medizin und Menschlichkeit“. She has been interested in various approaches to holistic healing since her medical studies and has experience in acupuncture, naturopathy, meditation, mindful self-compassion and keen interest in various fields of psychology and spirituality. She is now focussing on creating learning environments for people in healthcare to tap into their potential and to connect to their hearts. 

Both Paul Seifert & Eva Wartner are board members of 

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