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Episode 76

First aired May 23, 2018

Who am I? An inner journey that led to the evolution of Conscious TV

In this interview by Dr.Vijay Murthy with Renate McNay, the co-founder of Conscious TV, Renate describes how she along with her husband Ian McNay founded Conscious TV. Renate touches upon some very interesting differences between happiness and freedom, the reality of being in the busy world and staying connected to the deeper reality of life. Renate, after interviewing more than 400 experts in the field of consciousness and spirituality reveals what is the one common factor amongst these seekers of reality. Renate, who has refused to be interviewed on her own TV channel, for the first time talks about her journey in this interview for Unlock Your Health, UK Health Radio. She shares her understanding of non-duality, spirituality and the search for deeper meaning in life. 

About our Guest

Renate McNay is the co-founder of Conscious TV along with her husband Ian McNay. Following a successful Music business, the couple invested their money, time and efforts in building a TV channel which offers meaning rather than entertainment. At conscious TV, Renate McNay and Ian McNay question, debate, enquire, inform, encourage and inspire viewers to understand the concepts of Consciousness, Science, Non-Duality and Spirituality. The TV was launched in 2008 and after a decade of successful running, Renate has interviewed over 400 guests. The link to Conscious TV is http://www.conscious.tvInstagram @IronManager 

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