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Episode 78

First aired June 6, 2018

Steve Backley OBE, discusses how long waiting times impacts on mental health.

Steve Backley, OBE, Olympic medalist & Javelin thrower discusses with Dr.Vijay Murthy the psychological impacts of long waiting times for NHS diagnosis & operations. This seems to be born out by a recent survey of 1000 individuals above the age of 60 conducted by Nuffield Health. The survey revealed that one in 10 Brits over the age of 60 have waited almost half a year for an operation or diagnostic test on the NHS. One in three people aged over 60 say the wait for an operation or diagnostic test had a detrimental effect on their mental health.

On this show alongside Steve, Dr Vijay Murthy discusses the issue of waiting times & the possible impacts with Carol Routledge, an ex dancer & cruise director for Cunard. Also discussing with Dr.Vijay Murthy, a pensioner Mrs.Anna Clark. Carol & Anna share their experiences. 

About our Guest

Stephen Backley, OBE is an Olympic medalist. More recently, Steve was a competitor  on ‘Dancing on Ice’. Since the 2012 Olympics, Steve has been a regular  commentator for the BBC. A passionate believer in taking individual responsibility for health has led Steve to become an ambassador for Not For Profit work of the Nuffield Health. For more information on reducing waiting times, go to

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