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Episode 80

First aired June 20, 2018

A professor of Epidemiology talks about why do patients integrate different forms of medicine? What are the risks of self-integrating various therapies and supplements.

In this interview, Prof.David Sibbritt talks to Dr.Vijay Murthy about the reasons why people integrate conventional medicine and complementary and alternative medicine. Prof. Sibbritt reflects on the trends in integrative medicine and he explains the risks of self-integrating conventional medicine with self-prescribed herbal supplements and nutritional supplements. Prof. Sibbirtt offers advice on what new researchers in public health should be focussing on. 

About our Guest

Professor. David Sibbritt is professor of Epidemiology at the Faculty of Health, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. David is Deputy Director, Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine (ARCCIM) and is on the Executive of the “Evidence, Research and Policy in Complementary Medicine” Special Interest Group at the Public Health Association of Australia. David is an Associate Editor for the peer-reviewed journal BMC Health Services Research and is on the editorial board for Complementary Therapies in Medicine. David’s current research interests are predominantly in the public health of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and he has an evolving interest in conducting clinical trials for CAM therapies.

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