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Episode 93

First aired January 23, 2019

Transform your life in 8 sessions through the Manasa Ayurveda (Buddhist Ayurvedic) Wellbeing Course

Mathew Aldridge, NHS psychiatric nurse and Manasa Ayurveda Therapist, in his deep search for sustainable solutions to mental health issues has put together a first of its kind 8 session self-help workshop and consultation in London. Utilising a Buddhist Ayruvedic counselling and psychiatry approach, these sessions focus on educating anybody interested in mental health including health professionals. Matt, in his interview with Dr.Vijay Murthy says “in a safe, friendly and respectful space with a small group of six to eight people, you'll learn how to look after your well-being using a personally tailored Buddhist Ayurvedic approach. Starting with an online consultation, and a face-to-face consultation on the first session, you'll develop well-being through physical self-care, behaviour change, meditation and mindfulness”. Check out the details at or contact Matt at . Matt’s UK phone number is 07498217953. Here is a direct link to the course:

About our Guest

Mathew Aldridge, who like to be called ‘Matt’ first began to learn about Ayurveda in 1998 in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. He is now a fully qualified Ayurvedic Therapist and maintains regular contact with colleagues in Sri Lanka at the Manasa Ayurveda Hospital and the Nagananda Buddhist Ayurvedic (Teaching) Hospital. He has more than a decade's experience in Buddhist meditation and his work on Buddhism, mindfulness and mental health has been peer reviewed and published internationally. Matt has full personal indemnity insurance as a member of the FHT and is also registered as a Mental Health professional (RMN) in the UK.

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